Weddings, Funerals, Healing and Transitions Officiant in Northern Virginia

Guiding you to create ceremony that honors you, your relationships, your circle of life.

Officiant for Weddings, Funerals, Transitions VIRGINIA/MD/DC

Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia

Unique one of a kind crafted ceremonies to mark the significant milestones of your life

The essential ingredient of my being a Celebrant
is being connected with others by suspending all judgements
and living in the moment with them,
being in sync with their emotions,
while helping them create life-affirming ceremonies.

Ceremony & Ritual...

help us make sense of our past, gives us a sense of peace for today, and provides us with a new vision for our future.
My work as a Celebrant calls for all the experiences that have made me what I am today – sorrows and failures as well as joys and successes.
My story helps me understand others in
crafting the expressions of what they are experiencing
into a cohesive, joyful, even perhaps healing form.

What my clients say...

Contact me to create a unique, one of a kind Ceremony.